what we do

Our world is getting more and more advanced. From applying for jobs to completing homework, the need for technology continues to grow. Unfortunately, over 9 million students in the United States do not have access to a reliable form of technology. In contrast, nearly 50 million computers are thrown away in the United States every year.

With stats like this, the solution is obvious. At PCFlip, we strive to collect the forgotten technology before they reach the dump, refurbish them, then donate the devices to students, schools, and families in need of technology.

This solution protects the environment and ensures that our future leaders have a fair shot in life through technology and education.


All devices are equipped with essential browser extensions and programs to promote privacy, security, and safety when browsing the internet.


Our devices contain a variety of educational programs that can be used by students for notes or homework. Anyone can use the device to learn to code, learn to design, or even learn a new language.

Useful Programs

Our devices include the most essential programs while still keeping everything simple. Click here for the full list of included programs.

Completely Free

Everything including the device itself, the operating system, and all the programs are all provided for free.

Our goal

Our goal is to change the lives of one hundred people by donating one hundred devices by the end of the 2020 school year, our first year.

how you can help

We need your help. We ask that you spend five minutes looking through your house in drawers, closets, or the garage to find technology of any kind that you don't use anymore. Please donate your old technology, working or broken, to make a positive difference in our community.

We also need volunteers. Please contact us for more information.