How it works


We collect used PCs, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices from local businesses and at our drop-off locations. Want to donate? Visit here for more information or contact us.


Next, we sanitize the device then completely wipe the hard drive. Worried about your data's privacy? Check out the data privacy section below. Lastly, we load a variety of programs onto the device.


Lastly, we donate the device to underprivileged schools, students, and families. You can request to receive a device here. We will then update our impact page and make one more step towards our goal.

data privacy

We understand that hard drives may contain sensitive and private information. Therefore, we have adopted the most secure method of wiping hard drives, no password needed.

Using the same standard as the Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M standard) to wipe hard drives, all data will be completely erased and completely irrecoverable.

We use an open-source program called DBAN to achieve this.

environmental impact

With only 30% of electronics being recycled properly, the rapid advancements of technology has resulted in extreme amounts of electronic waste being dumped into landfills and the environment. Most of this technology is not only working or easily fixable but also in high demand.

Without proper disposal, lead and other toxins can leak into the soil or water supplies. By donating to PCFlip, your old technology will be given to students, schools, and families in need rather than sitting in a landfill and polluting the soil, water, and air. Even broken technology can be utilized, and we will recycle anything we don't use in a responsible way.


Will my data be secure?

Yes! All hard drives will be completely wiped before donation using the same standard as the Department of Defense. All information will be completely irrecoverable using a utility called DBAN. More information can be found in the data privacy section above.

What if I don't know the password to the device? Or what if I don't want to share the password?

We will never ask for the password to the device. We can wipe the hard drive securely without the need for a password.

Can I donate broken computers or parts?

Yes! We may be able to salvage or repair certain PC parts from a broken computer that could be used to upgrade other PCs. For devices or parts that cannot be repaired, we will responsibly recycle the technology in an environmental-friendly way.

Can I donate technology other than PCs?

Yes! We accept everything - PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, monitors, keyboards, mice, headphones, PC parts, and more.

Can I donate Apple products?

Yes! You can donate any apple product - iMacs, Macbooks, iPads, iPods, iPhones, and more.

Where can I drop-off my technology?

We currently have one location:

  • 1220 N Spencer, Mesa, AZ (Mesa // business)

Having trouble or can't find us? Contact us here.

I can't drop-off my technology. Can someone pick it up?

If you are located in Metro Phoenix, we can most likely pick it up. Fill out this form here, and we will contact you.

How else can I help?

If you can't donate a device, we do accept cash donations (coming soon). You can also volunteer your own time and gain volunteer and work experience by contacting us here.

What's inside the device?

Windows devices will contain these programs.

While the specific programs may vary depending on the type of device received, all devices will be factory reset then loaded with a variety of educational, communication, and other essential programs.